Education Pathway Providers

AGB Training has a number of academic collaborations promoting learning pathways for students.

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Charles Sturt University

Established in 1989, CSU is a national university with a global focus, dedicated to providing our students with a competitive advantage and capacity for success. We embrace your passion and are committed to providing an accessible and effective learning environment, delivering about 350 courses on campus or online. CSU is a public university and member of the Australian Commonwealth of Universities. We have the experience, expertise, resources and support you need to achieve your career goals.

At CSU, we believe higher education should be accessible to everyone. We believe education creates opportunity, expands horizons and enriches lives no matter where you live. We value you as an individual and want to see you reach your potential, offering industry recognised courses that provide opportunities for you to achieve your dream career and professional aspirations.

While CSU’s study locations are spread throughout New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria, we offer courses across Australia and around the world. International students are a vital part of our on campus communities, and you can also study online from your home country. Online interaction and opportunities for Australian students to study internationally help foster a sense of community between our domestic and international students, who all benefit from rich and diverse cultural and learning experiences.


Ikon Institute of Australia

Ikon is an institution dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in humanistic studies through vocational and higher education, leadership and practice. Ikon’s educational philosophy is a grounded, functional and evidence-based humanism, based on free intellectual enquiry.

Ikon aims to produce graduates who are enabled to continually develop their own potential, and whose skills, knowledge and therapeutic client-centred practice contribute to the creation of an international community of people and practitioners committed to social change, community building and individual healing.

In order to fulfill its Vision and Mission, Ikon provides unique qualifications in the human services fields of: Art Therapy, Counselling, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Youth Work, Mental Health, Disability; as well as professional development in these areas.