AGB Partnerships and Collaboration

AGB Training believes in well-structured collaboration. Our goal is to be a global citizen of the world through collaboration with a wide variety of organisations, to ensure that our students are able to access high-quality training that is affordable and industry relevant. Through the collaborative approach we aim to develop:

  • Industry engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Pathways with High Schools
  • Pathways with Registered Training Organisations
  • Pathways with English Schools
  • Pathways with Higher Education Providers
  • Articulation with overseas colleges and universities
  • Networks with International Education Agents
  • Networks with Domestic Student Recruitment Agents
  • Partnerships with Government Agencies

Through these collaborations, it aids the organisation to:

  • Build training programs that are relevant to industry
  • Give back to the community
  • Provide alternative entry pathways to higher education
  • Create opportunities to the disadvantaged to access affordable education
  • Provide opportunities to international students to experience new cultures and become global citizens
  • Assist in creating brand awareness services on offer through International and domestic agents

To view our other partners please click on the  links below:

We are currently seeking partnership opportunities in the following areas:

  • Industry Organisations
  • Community Organisations
  • High Schools
  • English Schools
  • Vocational Colleges
  • Universities
  • Government Agencies

To find out more about becoming a partner, please forward an email to partnerships[at] . Alternatively for people located within Australia please give us a call on 1300 123 242 or if you are based outside of Australia, please call +61 3 5221 2611.

Education Pathway Providers
AGB Training has a number of academic collaborations promoting learning pathways for students.
International Education Agents
AGB Training works closely with select international education agents to make our training courses available to overseas students.
Local Student Recruitment Brokers
AGB Training is working with local 3rd Party brokers to provide promotional and information services for prospective students. AGB Training has agreements with the following...