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Recognition of Prior Learning in Geelong

What is Credit Transfer?

Credit Transfer recognises formal education that you have previously undertaken. If you have successfully completed any units from the course in which you are enrolling, or the equivalent, you may be eligible for Credit Transfer. If eligible, you may receive exemptions from the units you have already completed. The units previously completed must be identical or equivalent to those in the course you are seeking credit for. Please complete APPLICATION FOR CREDIT TRANSFER form to apply for Credit Transfer for units completed at other institutions or against other courses.  There are no fees for Credit Transfer Application

Application for Credit Transfer

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that assess the competency of an individual that may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual meets the requirements specified in the training package or VET accredited course for which RPL is sought. Where RPL is granted you will be considered to have already successfully completed the unit(s) of competency, and will not have to participate in training or assessment activities for that unit(s). In determining where RPL may be granted, the college must be confident of the currency of the applicant’s competency. In fields where practical/technology is changing rapidly, RPL many not be granted.

Application for Recognition of Prior learning

RPL is a process that recognises what you have learnt from:

  • life experience
  • work experience
  • non-accredited/accredited training programs.


These experiences are measured against the qualification/unit in which you have applied for recognition.

Recognition of Prior Learning

The above diagram outline assessment pathways available to all students.

Recognition of Prior Learning Fees:

  • Application Fee: $2,500
  • Fee per RPL Unit Assessed: $750
  • Fee per Unit to complete course: $250

Please note Skills First Government Funding is not available for Recognition of Prior Learning.

How does RPL work?

  1. The applicant completes the Pre-Enrolment application, Language Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (online), Pre-Training Review and the Recognition of Prior Learning form.  You will receive an invoice for the RPL application fee of $2,500
  2. Applications are to be sent to
  3. VET Operations Manager will allocate the student to the relevant assessor
  4. The Assessor will evaluate the applicants complete forms to determine the next stage
  5. The Assessor will hold an interview with the applicant to determine if there are and other documents for evidence, or if required observation of performance in work based or simulated environments
  6. The Assessor will advise the VET Operations Manager of the outcome
  7. The Vet Operations Manager will send out a quote for the final fee
  8. On approval of the fee the VET Operations Manager will organise to forward relevant RPL assessment pack/s to the applicant
  9. Applicant gathers and submits evidence to Assessor, who then reviews evidence against RPL assessment pack requirements, determining if the applicant has proven competency
  10. Assessor organises a discussion with the applicant about their submission.  The Assessor may require further evidence from the applicant, if the process is complete the Assessor advises applicant of outcome
  11. Applicant file is audited by compliance
  12. Applicant is competent and issued with Certificate or Statement of Attainment or applicant is not yet competent and is able to access gap training or entry into a course as required

Please contact AGB Training for further information about RPL for our training courses in Geelong and Melbourne