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Business Management Courses, Geelong

Be a business leader and enhance your management skills

Invest in regular business training to develop your skills and knowledge as a manager, member of administration staff or occupational health and safety officer. Our business courses highlight the importance of dealing with both colleagues and customers and teach you valuable skills for project management.

Our Business courses provide students with skills and knowledge to enter a career as a business manager, administration staff or occupational health and safety officer.

Students who successfully complete a course in this field are provided with the skills knowledge and confidence to coordinate internal resources and third parties and vendors for the smooth execution of projects, complete administration duties such as data entry, auditing, answering phone, filing and mailing activities, manage and motivate employee’s and oversee sales, marketing, human resources and finance departments and apply a range of occupational health and safety practices to business settings.

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For enquiries about business training courses in Geelong and district, please contact us. Our range of courses encompass Community Services and Hospitality Management.


Auditing is beneficial to all organisational types; it reports non-compliance and corrective actions, contributes to continued improvement, identifies and advises on risks as well as highlights areas of good practice. Our online auditing courses assist students to develop skills and knowledge within a range of specialised, technical and managerial areas enabling them to audit and…

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Business Administration and Management

Business administration is used to describe a number of activities and positions necessary to maintain business operations.  Students in business, management and administration learn skills and knowledge that prepare them for a diverse range of employment opportunities.  AGBs’ Business Administration and Management courses train in planning, organisation of meetings, schedules and task lists, document development,…

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Human Resources

Human Resources departments focus on activities relating to employees including recruitment, orientation and training, benefits and retention.  A good Human Resources Manager clearly communicates with all levels of employees the company’s goals, objective, policies and procedures, organisational structure, health and safety and workplace culture. Become a leader in your workplace by gaining a Nationally Recognised…

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Leadership and Management

Working in management and as a team leader is all about organisation, delegation, and performance monitoring.  Team leaders oversee projects and manage day to day operations of their area ensuring everyone is working effectively, and completing all tasks assigned to them while ensuring motivation and performance levels are maintained. A team leader’s core responsibility is…

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Marketing and Communication

Marketing professionals must have excellent communication and analytical skills.  Their role can vary between brand image and market placement, market research, marketing strategy, customer relationship management, identifying new business opportunities, business expansion and growth, website and social media development and much more. As a marketer, your job is to plan the best ways of promoting your…

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Program Management

As a project manager it is your job to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the project or projects you are working on.  Project managers may work closely with middle and senior management to ensure that the project remains on schedule and fulfils all requirements, they also liaise with other departments which have…

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Work Health and Safety

Our Work Health and Safety courses are designed to promote healthy workplaces, eliminate risk, ensure public safety, reduce instances of illness and injury and manage safe returns to work of those who are injured. From Business Administration courses through to Human Resources Management and Work Health and Safety courses, we have your needs covered. Work Health and…

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