Enrol in Training Courses, Geelong

Information and Enrolment Forms For Australian students

  1. 2019 Enrolment Application Form – Qualification
  2. 2019 Enrolment Application Form – Short Course
  3. 2019 Fee and Duration Schedule – Domestic
  4. Fee and Refund Policy and Procedure – Domestic
  5. Application for Credit Transfer
  6. Guidelines about Determining Student Eligibility Skills First Program
  7. AGB Training Student Handbook 2019
  8. Apply for a Unique Student Identification Number 
  9. VicRoads Eligibility Declaration and License Application Form
  10. Refund Application

At AGB Training we ensure that we follow the Skills First Quality Charter providing high quality training that aligns with industry and community demands and workforce needs.

We are a Private Registered Training Organisation with headquarters in Geelong and Training Centres across Victoria. If you have further questions or need assistance enrolling in one of our Local Training Courses, please contact us.

Enrolment and Fees
Skills First Program – Victorian Government Funding
Funding rules can be complex depending on your circumstances and education history. The easiest way to find out if you are eligible is to get...
How to Enrol
You can enrol by any of the following methods: Contact AGB Training to organise a one on one information and enrolment session or Attend an...
Payment Options
Students are required to pay fees prior to course commencement.  Students who have not paid fees or made alternative arrangements will not be permitted to...
Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer
Credit Transfer recognises formal education that you have previously undertaken. If you have successfully completed any units from the course in which you are enrolling,...