Enrolment Information for International Students

Fee and Enrolment Information

For all course fees please download our international fee schedule
To enrol in one of our courses please download our enrolment form complete it and email to international@agb.edu.au

  1. AGB International Fee and Duration Schedule
  2. 2019 Enrolment Application Form – International
  3. International Letter of Release Application
  4. AGB Training International Prospectus
  5. AGB Training Student Handbook 2019
  6. ESOS Framework fact sheet
  7. International Refund Policy
  8. Fee and Refund Policy and Procedure – International
  9. Refund Application
  10. ESOS student factsheet

Course entry requirements

AGB Training requires the applicant to successfully complete

  • Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment
  • Pre-Training Review
  • Enrolment Application Form

Students are required to have a minimum Year 10 English score or for international students a minimum 5.5 International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score.  Student must be 18 years or over.

Full Time Study

At this level of study it is expected that you study for a minimum of 20 hours of study per week (15 hours face to face classroom based study, two days attendance from 9:00am to 5:00pm and 5 hours self-paced study) including, but not limited to homework, assessment tasks and individual research.


AGB Training may only accept 100% payment of course tuition fees for the first study period where the course enrolment applies to a course with a study period that is less than 24 weeks in duration.  (Please note the course duration may be longer than the 24 week maximum study period when holidays are included).

Our preference is for 50% of the Tuition Fee and Application Fee to be paid prior to the issuing of the Confirmation of Enrolment but we will accept a minimum fee of $1700 that includes $600 of non-tuition fee and $1,100 tuition fee (Approximately 1 term of fees). For those students who wish to pay the initial smaller payment, they must complete the direct debit form in the application process and once accepted and commenced, payments will be direct debited from the account on the 15th of each month, over 6 months, in equal instalments. Please note that non-tuition fees include Application fee of $100 and Administration fee $500 AUD.

Further information can be accessed by email: international@agb.edu.au or by phone +61 3 5221 2611

Direct Debt Dishonour Fee

In accordance with the visa requirements, international students are required to keep up to date with their payments, students will be charged default fee of $100.

If a monthly direct debit payment dishonours on two (2) occasions the direct debit arrangement will cease and full payment of the outstanding balance of course will be required to be paid within 14 days.

To avoid incurring additional fees or cancellation of CoE, please ensure sufficient funds are in your account on the 14th of each month.

The Application Process


An enquiry is made either through an approved education agent or directly by the student, to obtain information about AGB Programs , Fees, Enrolment requirements and more via email international@agb.edu.au or by phone +61 3 5221 2611


Students will be sent an AGB Training Language Literacy and Numeracy assessment to complete upon satisfactory completion. The prospective student will complete a pre training review (placement test) and a Skype or Face to Face interview depending on their location to assist in determining if the course selected, and training provider is right for you and that you have the necessary skills to complete the course. An Agent or AGB Representative will provide the outcome and if successful will proceed onto the enrolment process.


The prospective student will have an enrolment form logged either directly or through their education agent. Certified evidence must be attached with the application such as: – Passport – OSHC – VISA – Any other formal qualification completed once the documentation is complete, the AGB Representative will forward the application to the administration team.


A letter of offer, training plan and invoice of fees will be supplied either to the designated agent or directly to the student. The student is to ensure they read the documentation thoroughly and once ready, sign and return the document either through their agent or directly to AGB via international@agb.edu.au Please note an application is only valid for 30 days if no payment has been made. After this period the application will be withdrawn.

  • STEP 5: Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

An electronic confirmation of enrolment will be issued once payment has been received. If a student has requested for AGB to process the overseas health care cover (OSHC letter) as well, payment must be made in full prior to the release of OSHC letter to prove you have obtained the appropriate health insurance. Whether the student applies for their insurance through AGB or source their own, they will be required to have this prior to applying for their visa.


The student handbook and AGB Training website will provide information about the college, area and facilities. Students are to ensure that they make their own travel arrangements and secure their own accommodation.


AGB has the facility to greet students at the airport if requested. This is a free service, otherwise students will have to pay their own way to their accommodation.


Students are required to attend on induction session a week prior to the commencement of their chosen course. This will ensure that the student meets the AGB team, becomes familiar to travelling to and from the site and familiar with the facilities and collect resources for their course. It proves the opportunity to obtain your local address and contact details as well as your unique student identification number, which will be required for your course and fee.


Welcome to AGB Training

Off-shore enrolments – students must apply through our *education agents. Alternatively, if you are linked with an education agent that is not listed, the agent must apply to AGB Training to be approved for our agent list. For more information, please email us for a copy of our International Prospectus.

Our FAQs for international students should help answer some of your questions, but please do not hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.

The link below is a document checklist tool to help you find out which documents need to be attached to the application.