Training Courses FAQs

If you have further enquiries about our training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How do I know if I am eligible for Skills First Victorian Government Funding?

Please visit the Victorian Skills Gateway website for information about employer funding.

How long will the courses go for?

Below are estimates depending on your course level.

  • Certificate III = 12 months
  • Certificate IV = 6-9 months
  • Diploma = 9-12 months
  • Advanced Diploma = up to 24 months

Please see our guide to Fee and Duration Schedule for most up to date course durations. Please note that this is a guide only and is subject to change without notification.

How much does a course cost?

If you are eligible for Government funding you are required to pay a $100 administration fee plus any resources/test book fees.  If you are not eligible course costs vary.

For most up to date fees for both funded and non-funded please see our Fee and Duration Schedule. Please note that this is a guide only and is subject to change without notification.

Do AGB Training courses include Student Practical Placement?

Many AGB Training courses include some time working in the industry area of your course. This is called ‘work placement’ and it gives you the chance to learn new skills and apply the skills you have already learned as part of your course.

Your work placement will help you:

  • Gain insights into the kind of career you would like to have.
  • Make informed decisions about further training and study.
  • Become more employable.

Students who do not complete practical placement will automatically receive a Competency Not Yet Achieved for those course units associated with placement and will not be eligible to receive a completed qualification.  In this circumstance AGB Training will issue a Statement of Attainment for completed units.

Work placement is a great opportunity for you to experience the workplace and develop your employability skills.

Do I have to find my own practical placement?

Whilst AGB Training will do our utmost to provide students with a practical placement that meets individual needs, this cannot be guaranteed.   AGB Training will provide students with one placement.  This is not negotiable other than under extenuating circumstances.

On occasion, students might require a specific organisation for practical placement. Although AGB Training will assist if requested, in this instance it is the student’s responsibility to source this placement.  Should the organisation agree to become an SPP, the student must provide all details in writing to AGB Training Industry Placement Officer.

Can I use my current employer for Practical Placement?

Students employed with a suitable organisation may choose to use this time to contribute to work placement.

All documentation required by AGB Training will need to be completed and the organisation, together with the duties performed by the student, must meet the requirements of the qualification.

If the organisation does not meet qualification requirements, students will need to do some (or all) practical placement elsewhere.  AGB Training can advise students regarding this.

How many funded courses can I do in my lifetime?

An individual may commence two government-funded courses at any one level within your lifetime.  For most up to date information re Government funding please visit the Victorian Skills Gateway website.

If I need to have certified documents who can certify them?

To have a document certified, an individual must take the original and a photocopy to an authorised person.

The authorised person must write on every page of the copy document “I have sighted the original document and certify this to be a true copy of the original”, sign each statement and provide their designation, for example “Pharmacist”.

Local Students

Where are you based and where do you service?

We are based in Geelong and Melbourne, we offer courses in Geelong, Melbourne and Victoria-wide. We also warmly welcome International Students to enrol in our training courses.

What sort of training courses are available for local students?
How do I enrol as a local student?

Visit our enrolment page, download our enrolment forms, fill them in and email or deliver it to one of our training centres in Geelong.

Alternatively you can participate in one of our information sessions held prior to each term commencement and enrol in person Find our contact details.

Can I get recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

We absolutely recognise RPL! You can receive RPL for life experience, work experience, non-accredited and accredited training programs.

Where can I park when attending class at St Kilda Road Towers?

There are a number of parking options including:

  • metered street parking
  • underground parking at St Kilda Road Towers Car Park
  • ACE Parking, 2 Bowen Crescent, Melbourne VIC 3004
  • Wilsons Parking, 436 St Kilda Road, St Kilda
Where can I park when attending class in Geelong?

Our Geelong Training Centre at 31 Barwon Terrace has free parking along Barwon Terrace, Yarra Street and Bellarine Street.

Belmont Transport and Logistics Licensing Centre has four dedicated student car parks inside the grounds, at 6 Curtis Street.

Free parking is available along Curtis Street if needed.

International Students

Where is Geelong?

Geelong is located in the Australian state of Victoria. It is an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city. It is also a 15-minute drive from Torquay, the Surf Coast and the beginning of the iconic Great Ocean Road.

What is it like to live and study in Geelong?

International students in Geelong will enjoy affordable living, trips to Melbourne and the Surf Coast, multicultural restaurants and activities, peaceful and comfortable urban living.

Does Geelong have good employment opportunities?

Geelong is the largest non-capital city in Victoria, with job opportunities in key industries, including research, education, health, community services, advanced manufacturing, construction, tourism, retail and more. Our training courses provide opportunities to gain entry-level skills or upskill to move into leadership and management roles.

What can I study?

Our courses for international students include business management coursescommunity services, logistics management and warehousingcivil design courses.

Where is my qualification recognised?

AGB Training qualifications are nationally recognised. This means you could work in Geelong, move interstate or travel Australia and still be recognised for your training with us. Skills and knowledge have no boundaries and can be applied anywhere in the world!

How do I apply?

As an international enrolment you must apply via one of our approved education agents
If your education agent is not pre-approved with us, they can apply.

What if my work and study are scheduled on the same days?

As you are here on a study visa, it is recommended you speak with your workplace to change your work days around your class days. It is also recommended to change your work day, as you may miss important handouts or information if you miss classes.

What happens if I miss my train/bus or I’m running late?

Contact Student Support, you can do this by one of the following:

  1. Call 1300 123 2422
  2. Text 0478 435 6303
  3. Email

Your student support can then advise your trainer you will be running late.

In some weather conditions, trains may be replaced by buses, again if this is the case, please contact your Student Support to advise them you will be running late.

What happens if I am unwell and cannot attend class?

Contact Student Support, you can do this by one of the following:

  1. Call 1300 123 2422
  2. Text 0478 435 6303
  3. Email

Your student support can then advise your trainer you will be absent.

You will need to provide a medical certificate when you return to class.

What if I need to leave class early?

Advise your student support and trainer – you may require some handouts of extra homework to collect and complete.

I would like to book a holiday, do I need to advise AGB Training?

There is a process involved with this. Firstly please speak with your Student Support, you will be required to submit an ‘Application for Leave of Absence’. AGB Training then ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ the request.

You will then be advised of the outcome, if your application has been approved, you can go ahead and book your flights.

What will I do if something happens and I need to return to my home country for a couple of months?

There is another process involved to go ahead with this. Firstly speak with Student Support, you will then be required to complete and return a ‘Defer your Studies’ form.

This will then get ‘approved’ or ‘declined’, depending on circumstances behind the request.

Who do I ask if I have any questions regarding my visa?

You can ask the agent you used upon your application, they will be able to assist you. Otherwise visit myVEVO.

If you do not have an agent you may check AGB Training’s website as we have a list of agents we work with.

What if I’m going to miss my induction?

Please contact AGB Training on 1300 123 242 or 0478 435 630 and advise Student Support, as there will be handouts you will miss, your Student Support will then schedule a one on one induction with you.

What happens if I move address or get a new mobile number?

Please advise either Student Support or reception staff, as it is important AGB Training have the most recent contact details.

What if I lose my student ID card?

If you misplace your student card, AGB can reprint one, this will require a cost of $15 per replacement card issued.

What if I am not enjoying my course and would like to change courses?

Speak with your Student Support, they can assist you with the process of this.

What happens if I fall behind with my payments?

You will be in breach of your visa, this may result in visa cancellation or written warnings from AGB Training.

I have paid my first instalment, when will I receive my CoE?

Before receiving your CoE, you must ensure you have made the first initial instalment for your chosen course, AGB Training must also receive your signed copy of your Letter of Offer.

Can I be enrolled at your institution if I have a cancelled CoE?

No, you will not be able to enrol without a letter of release from your previous college or unless the previous college has lost its accreditation or the course was cancelled.