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Student Guide to Practical Placement

For all other practical placement forms and information please contact our Industry Placement Officer on phone: 1300 123 242, or email: 

Placement Durations

  • CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health = 80 Hours
  • CHC53315 Diploma of Mental Health = 160 Hours
  • CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services = 100 Hours

Prior to Placement

Before a students can commence their placement they need to:

  • Obtain Working with Children Check and Police Check (at own expense)
  • Make contact with the host organisation/s to request work placement
  • Advise the host organisation of any medical or other factors that may affect the students health and safety or the health and safety of others
  • Submit Application for Host Organisation Approval to Industry Placement Officer
  • Obtain approval of Host organisation from Industry Placement Officer
  • If requested, return the completed Work Placement Agreement with signatures from all parties involved

During Placement

The student should provide regular feedback to AGB Training re placement progress ensuring that AGB Training can provide necessary support if/when required.

After Placement

The student must email a copy of their Student Placement Recording Sheet to the host organisation for approval that all information is true and correct.  Once approval is received the student must submit to their trainer the approved Student Placement Recording Sheet, Workplace Agreement and Assessment pack.

If you have any questions or concerns about placement please speak with your trainer or contact

Working with Children Check / Police Records Check

 All AGB Training students undertaking practical placement are required to obtain a Working with Children’s Check and Police Records Check.

Certified copies of these documents must be provided to AGB Training within 12 weeks of course commencement. No student can commence practical placement until these documents are provided.

It is your responsibility to obtain these checks and we advise you to apply as early as possible as they can take several weeks for processing.

Please refer to these websites for more information.

Working with Children’s Check –

Police Records Check –


Payment of fees associated with these checks is the responsibility of the student.  Fees are determined by the individual organisation and subject to change. 

Current fees as at July 2017 are:-

Working with Children Check:

Volunteer: Free (Student use only – cannot be used for employment purposes)

Employee: $121.40 (renewably every 5 years at reduced fee)

Police Records Check: $46.90

(Victoria Police does not have an expiry date for validity of National Police Certificates. The police certificate is the result of a check of police records only up until the day it is issued. It is up to each organisation (in the absence of any legislation applicable to their industry/profession) to determine how often they require a new certificate to be issued.)

Students holding current documents are required to inform AGB Training if:-

  • Found guilty of a criminal offence (other than a minor traffic offence); or
  • Charged or investigated for a criminal offence (other than a minor traffic offence).

Currently subject to charges or under investigation for a criminal offence (other than a minor traffic offence).