Study Resources

Student WiFi

Student WiFi is available at AGB Training Centres, AGB cannot guarantee free WiFi at external training locations.

Computers and Devices

It is not a requirement to bring a laptop/device to class, however if a student would like to they can.  As part of a course students may be required to complete online structured learning, research and assessments, as well as access emails  using a computer/device.  It is the students responsibility to ensure they have access to suitable equipment.

AGB Training Academic Style Guide

Our AGB Training Style Guide articulates AGB’s expectations for the written work you submit for assessments at Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels; but we do encourage students to follow this style at Certificate IV level as well. The modern workplace expects consistent and well-written communication, and use of a style guide is not uncommon. It is also useful to become familiar with the process if you are aiming to progress into higher education in the future. Hence, it is important that we clarify the requirements for presenting your assessments.

We have tried to keep the AGB Style Guide as simple and straightforward as possible.

AGB Training Academic Style Guide

AGB Training’s tips for successful study.

We know that life commitments, your social life and motivation can get in the way of study…We’re only human.  Here are some tips to ensure you stay on track with your studies outside class time.

The couch in front of the TV is not always the most productive place to study. If you have a desk at home, transform it into an inspiring study space that is organised and comfortable. It doesn’t have to be bland. Make it fun by framing your favourite photos or artwork and or pin up inspiring quotes to keep you motivated. If you don’t have a space at home, pick a location that distraction free such as your local library or a quiet park or café. AGB Training also has a student lounge with Wi-Fi access where students can sit and study outside class.

Assign a time each week to sit down and pump out a few hours’ worth of study. Whether it’s after work, while the kids are at school or after Bold and The Beautiful
has finished, set a time each week that is designated to nothing other than your course work.

Before you sit down to study, prepare some brain food to keep you going. This will not only stop you from raiding the cupboard half way through your assignment, but it will improve your concentration. It could be fruit, nuts or a cheeky bag of M&M’s… whatever keeps you going!

How do you learn best? Are you a lone rider who likes to work solo or do you like to bounce your ideas off a group of people? Do you retain information better by listening to it or reading it? Pay attention to how you learn and use it to your advantage.

It’s important to take a break from your study, especially if you are becoming stressed or frustrated. Refresh your mind by taking your dog for a walk, playing a game with the kids or finishing off that last square of your crochet blanket.
You might come back with a different perspective on how to answer that tricky question!

Left your assignment to the last minute and pulled an all-nighter? It happens. Just make sure you have time to revise your work before you submit it! We don’t all do our best thinking at 4am.

If you are really struggling to complete work outside of class, or you are feeling lost or unmotivated, please speak up! Our friendly trainers or student counsellor are always there to listen to your concerns and help get you back on the track to success.