CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management

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This qualification reflects the role of workers who are middle managers or managers across a range of community sector organisations. These people work independently and report to executive management, directors or boards of management. They undertake a range of functions requiring the application of knowledge and skills to achieve results in line with the organisation’s goals and strategic directions.

At this level, workers have responsibility for planning and monitoring service delivery, recruitment and performance management of other paid or unpaid workers, managing risk and contributing to continuous improvement within the scope of their specific role.
This may include management of a specific programs or project, or broader management of a community-based organisation, early childhood education service, not-for-profit organisation or community centre.



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  • Entry Requirements
  • Fees & Charges
  • Programs / Units
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CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
  • Course Duration: 48 weeks (excluding holidays)
    61 weeks (including holidays)
  • Full Time Study: • Classroom
    • Structured Online Activities
    • Self-Reflection
    • Self-Study
    • Readings, and
    • Research
  • Mode of Delivery: Classroom
  • At this level of study it is expected that you study for a minimum of 25 hours of study per week. You are required to attend class 1 day per week, 9:30am to 3:00pm, participate in structured online activities and self-study including but not limited to readings, research, assessment tasks and self-reflection.

  • Location: Geelong

Methods of assessment may include:

  • Knowledge Evidence – questions and answers
  • Direct demonstration and observation
  • Portfolios
  • Projects
  • Role plays, case studies and presentations

There are no AQF Pre Requisites for this qualification.

AGB Training requires the applicant to successfully complete

  • Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment
  • Pre-Training Review
  • Enrolment Application Form
Fees & Charges
Fees & ChargesSkills FirstFull Fee
Administration Fee$100.00$10,000.00
Textbook Fee$280.85$280.85
Victorian Government Contribution for Skills First Funded Students: $6,930.00
Payment Options

Skills First Funded Students

Upfront payment prior to commencement of first class

 Fee for Service Students

Deposit of 10% is required prior to commencement of course.
Fortnightly or monthly payments must be paid as per direct debit payment schedule.

Text Book Fee

Text book are to be ordered by the student prior to commencement of class.  Prices are set by and paid directly the publisher and are subject to change.

Text Books

It is responsibility of students to purchase all text books prior to first class.

  • Developing Communities for the Future 5th Edition 2017
  • Susan Kenny & Phil Connors
  • Published by Cengage
  • ISBN: Susan Kenny & Phil Connors
  • Purchase Online
  • The Business Communication Handbook 10th Edition
  • Judith Dwyer
  • Published by Cengage
  • ISBN: 9780170354172
  • Purchase Online
  • Basic Personal Counselling: A Training Manual for Counsellors 8th Edition
  • D.Geldard, K. Geldrard & R.Yin Foo
  • Published by Cengage
  • ISBN: 9780170364362
  • Purchase Online
Course ProgramTo achieve this qualification, the candidate must demonstrate a competency in -
13 units of competency (8 core units and 5 elective units)

Manage Innovation and Manage Finances
  • Core
    Manage innovation and continuous improvement
  • Core
    Manage finances
  • Core
    Lead the work team
  • Core
    Manage risk
  • Core
    Lead and manage organisational change
Community Services Management
  • Core
    Manage legal and ethical compliance
  • Core
    Manage and promote diversity
  • Core
    Develop, implement and review quality framework
Advocate for Clients or Groups
  • Elective
    Provide systems advocacy services
  • Elective
    Research and apply evidence to practice
Develop and Implement Service Programs
  • Elective
    Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes
  • Elective
    Develop workplace communication strategies
  • Elective
    Develop and implement service programs

On successful completion students will have the knowledge and skills required for further training in CHC82015 Graduate Certificate in Client Assessment and Case Management or other relevant qualifications.