MEDIA RELEASE 21 August 2019

21 August 2019
AGB Group Pty Ltd (t/as AGB Training) (“AGB”)
Positive News for AGB | Stay of Decisions granted

AGB’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Dejanovic wishes to provide an update to AGB’s Media Release of 20 August 2019.

Stay Orders granted 16 August 2019

AGB is pleased to confirm that it has favourably resolved its applications for a Stay of the decisions to cancel AGB’s registration as a Registered Training Organisation (“RTO”) (both VET and CRICOS) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (“ASQA”).

This means AGB’s registration as an RTO will not be cancelled. ASQA’s decisions will otherwise be stayed: (i) pending the hearing and determination of AGB’s Merits Review applications; (ii) until further order of the AAT; or (iii) as agreed between the parties.

Where AGB is successful in its Merits Review applications, its registration as an RTO (both VET and CRICOS) will continue.

AGB has received Orders from the AAT made 16 August 2019 confirming the grant of the above stay, which will enable AGB to conduct its business as usual. This means that AGB is able to continue to:
(i) teach its current student cohort;
(ii) enrol new students in a VET course or part of a VET course;
(iii) allow a new student to begin a VET course or part of a VET course (both international and domestic*); and
(iv) deliver statements of attainment and/or qualifications to its students.

A few words from the CEO
This is an extremely positive outcome for AGB, and particularly its students and staff.
AGB is and remains committed to its staff, trainers, students and their welfare.
In addition, AGB remains determined to satisfactorily resolve the current situation as soon as possible and provide the best outcome for all.
AGB’s focus remains to ensure that its students, trainers and staff are not adversely affected and that the delivery of the courses may continue without inconvenience or disruption and enable the students to achieve their qualifications.

AGB’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Dejanovic says:
“I am delighted with the news and am keen for AGB to move forward. Whilst this has been challenging period for me personally, our students and staff, I am confident that AGB will be able to resolve this matter with ASQA.”

“AGB remains determined to have the present AAT Merits Review applications favourably concluded with ASQA as soon as possible and thereby secure AGB’s RTO operations well into the future. In the meantime, AGB continues to focus on its core operations of teaching its students and remains dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for its student cohort.”

Information for current AGB students and staff
AGB will continue to update staff, students and the public on the progress and ultimate determination of the AGB’s Merits Review applications in the AAT.

In the meantime, AGB invites any staff or students who may have any queries to direct questions to AGB’s head office via email at: and will respond as soon as possible.

Robert Dejanovic
AGB Group Pty Ltd (t/as AGB Training)
[subject to Deed of Company Arrangement]


* On the basis that, the number of international students who have commenced a VET course or part of a VET course does not exceed 237 and the number of domestic students who have commenced a VET course or part of a VET course does not exceed 1,019.