Open career doors with Certificate III in Driving Operations in Geelong

From powerful trucks on our highways to trusty forklifts toiling in warehouses, these essential vehicles are helping drive Australia’s economy.

If you want to be part of the transport and logistics industry,  you can take the first steps to a rewarding career with a Certificate III in Driving Operations in Geelong through AGB Training.

At AGB Training, we are passionate about helping people gain the skills and knowledge to start an exciting occupation in this field and build a successful life. Our Driving Operations training is a great way for people to start walking that career pathway and we want to assist you to reach your goal.

The full-time course, or traineeship, takes 12 months to complete. While it is workplace-based, participants must also complete at least 15 hours of study a week. The study includes unsupervised research assignments that are self-paced and workplace-withdrawal learning. There are also 10 trainer visits during the year-long course.

Participants will learn a wide range of skills during the course, building their knowledge base so they are ready to take on roles in their chosen industry.

From work, health and safety procedures to load-securing techniques and strategies to manage fatigue, the course outlines crucial information that people joining the transport and logistics industry need to know. Course units also cover areas including accident emergency procedures, manifest documentation and trailer inspection.

Students taking part in Certificate III in Driving Operations in Geelong must have a drivers licence, with opportunities existing to become licensed to drive a forklift truck, medium-rigid vehicle or heavy-rigid vehicle.

The skills learnt in the course are practical ones, designed to ensure you can enter the world of transport and logistics with the confidence that you can carry out your chosen job safely and efficiently.

If you have your mind set on a career in this industry, then it’s time to talk to AGB Training about getting the right set of qualifications behind you.

Contact our friendly team for more information on our Certificate III in Driving Operations in Geelong.