Geelong training courses providing valuable pathways to Australian universities

There’s no denying that education helps open doors to new opportunities.

At AGB Training, we’re proud to be helping students walk through those doors and into university courses that can help them on their way to exciting careers in their chosen fields.

Our training courses in Geelong provide pathways to respected educational institutions including Charles Sturt University, Ikon Institute and Southern Cross University. These academic collaborations make it possible for our students to achieve their dream careers and make a positive impact on their communities through their jobs.

And it can all start with our industry training courses, which cover a wide range of career areas and are led by trainers with strong industry experience. Our blended learning approach introduces students to a broad range of learning experiences including classroom-based, industry-based and online learning. It’s a learning combination that works, helping students to gain a strong understanding of their subject and develop practical skills at the same time.

Our Geelong training courses cover a broad range of  career areas. From business management to civil construction design, logistics management to community services and forklift and truck licensing, we’ve got you covered.

And some of these courses are a smart way to position yourself for further study at university. For example, students completing our Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs course can follow a pathway to Charles Sturt University’s Bachelor of Social Work.

It’s well worth asking our team about other study options open to AGB Training students from our education pathway providers.

These pathway providers have forged strong reputations across the education industry over the years. Charles Sturt University is a regional Australia education powerhouse, Southern Cross University features nine research centres and Ikon Instutute has a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing education. All offer quality education pathways for students who are hungry to learn and meet their entry criteria.

If you would like to know where our training courses in Geelong can lead you, please contact AGB Training for more information today.