Geelong mental health courses kickstart careers

If you want to forge a career in the mental health support industry, AGB Training’s quality courses are a great launching pad for students.

With one or more of our Geelong mental health courses under your belt you will have learnt valuable skills that allow you to carry out meaningful work to help people struggling with mental health issues.

Our courses also provide a clear pathway to further study such as a Bachelor of  Social Work at Charles Sturt University. You can find more pathway information on our website.

Mental health issues have never been more prominent in our society than right now. Depression, anxiety, stress and a raft of other health concerns are taking a toll on people across the nation, and health officials are battling to cope with demand for their services. This means many health care providers are on the hunt for people with reputable mental health qualifications.

At AGB Training, our Geelong mental health courses are tailored to equip domestic and international students with the skills they need to hit the ground running in an industry that encompasses community-based non-government organisations, home-based outreach, rehabilitation programs, residential services, early childhood education services and more.

With a Certificate IV in Mental Health, Diploma of Mental Health and an Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management on offer, students will have 20 hours of study for their weekly course including 15 hours of classroom-based learning split between two days. The remaining five hours each week comprise self-paced study such as research, homework and set tasks.

While the Certificate IV and Diploma courses take 48 weeks to complete, excluding holidays, the Advanced Diploma’s duration is 38 weeks of study.

If you are keen to make a positive difference to people’s mental health journey, these could be the courses for you. Perhaps you want to be a counsellor, help run support programs, advocacy or education and health promotion services in this field. Or may be you’d like to be a manager in a community-sector organisation that provides services within the mental health industry.

Whatever your ambitions in this area, AGB Training can help get you started. For more information about our Geelong mental health courses and the pathways they create, please contact our friendly team today.