Make a difference in people’s lives with our Geelong alcohol addiction courses

Alcohol addiction is an ongoing problem in our community, with many vulnerable people seeking help to escape its grip and improve their lives.

It can be a difficult journey to better health, and support from trained health and community workers can make a huge difference.

You can be part of that all-important support team, with AGB Training’s Geelong alcohol addiction courses giving you the tools to make a positive change in people’s lives through health promotion and community intervention.

We offer two types of alcohol addiction courses in the form of a Certificate IV and Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drugs. Both have Skills First Government funded-spots available.

If you get satisfaction from helping people in need and are after a challenging but rewarding career where you can make a real, practical difference, then this may be just the career for you.

The two courses require students to take on at least 25 hours of study a week, with classroom, set online study and research a strong part of the work load. While the Certificate IV course takes 26 weeks excluding holidays, the Diploma will take participants 48 weeks of study to complete.

Alcohol and drug addiction take a heavy toll on people, their families and friends and the community in general. While the effect on people’s mental and physical health can be dramatic, addiction’s ripples can spread to loved ones and friends too. Those ripples can impact on workplaces and people’s opportunities and futures. And seeking help from quality support networks can be invaluable for those wanting to break free from addiction’s grasp.

If you want to be part of that important network and help change people’s lives for the better, our courses are a great step to achieving that aim. People armed with our course qualifications can go on to work in fields such as community support, community outreach and case working and be an active part of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Please contact us to secure your spot for our next student intake or to find out more about our Geelong alcohol addiction courses.