Make an impact with our Geelong-based Education Support courses

A role in the education support industry gives you a unique responsibility in the learning process.

It’s all about being able to make a visible and valuable impact on the world by helping students walk their journey through education. And, if you have a passion for helping others to learn, then AGB Training’s Geelong Education Support courses might be just what you need to start a life-long career in the education sector.

Education support workers can be a lifeline to students in settings ranging from public schools to home tutoring and private colleges to community education centres. They often work one-on-one with students in busy classrooms and they help and support teachers in the learning experience. Put simply, they are a real asset in education facilities across the nation.

At AGB Training, we’re proud to offer Certificate III and IV in Education Support and know the nationally-accredited qualifications can help launch people into fulfilling careers in education.

Our courses, led by experienced industry professionals, give you on-the-job training so you’re armed with full qualifications and quality experience when the units are complete.

Our Education Support courses in Geelong, offered as traineeships only, are rich in hands-on learning with 100 hours of work placement a core requirement for participants.

To be a smart country you have to give people access to quality education. Our courses are happy to help, equipping people with excellent skills so they can then go on to support others in the education sector.

Students interested in our courses can contact the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network or a Group Training Provider to gain information about undertaking a traineeship.

Employers can liaise with the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network to get details about incentives for providing traineeships to employees.

Our Geelong-based Education Support courses are a great way to kick-off a career in the education industry so why not enroll? Contact our friendly team at AGB Training today.