Never too old for our Geelong training courses

The PR team promoting AGB’s Geelong training courses is always looking for examples to inspire people in their studies. This week the PR crew was searching for ideas to motivate people who hadn’t studied for some time or were considering taking up studies as mature adults and came across the stories of octogenarians Janet David Silla and Phil Koch.

Ms Silla and Mr Koch are both in the USA but their stories are so inspiring we want to share them with our audience and prove you really are never too old to learn. Ms Silla, an 80-year-old grandmother, graduated this year from St Paul’s University with a Master’s Degree in Development Studies, while Mr Koch, an 82-year-old grandfather, graduated last week with a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of North Carolina.

Both graduates admitted to facing challenges in their studies but both delighted in the acquisition of knowledge and the end result – a long-desired qualification.

A Master’s Degree such as Ms Silla’s might seem a distant dream but, like every journey, the path to qualifications starts with a first step, and that first step could be a Certificate IV course with AGB Group. Certificate IV can lead to a Diploma or Advanced Diploma, a Bachelor’s Degree and then Masters. Want to go further? Then aim for a Doctoral degree.

It doesn’t matter how far you want to travel on your education journey, one of AGB’s numerous Geelong training courses is the perfect place to start. We provide a variety of courses in a wide range of fields.

Don’t think you can afford a training course? Think again. There is government funding available to help students and we can guide you through the funding process.

AGB Training is an advocate of lifelong learning and we encourage you to realise that long-held desire to study so that one day, just like Ms Silla and Mr Koch, it might be your name and your achievements providing inspiration for somebody wondering whether they can take that first step.

To find out more about AGB Training’s Geelong training courses, please contact us online or call 1300 123 242.