The pro’s and con’s of studying online

Are you thinking of undertaking online study? Studying online has many benefits, but it’s not always ideal for every student. Here we have broken down the pro’s and con’s of studying online to help you make an informed decision.

Flexibility: Study online can be a convenient way to gain a qualification, especially if you are tied up with family, work or other schooling commitments. Through online study, you can essentially study anywhere, anytime. Time management: Online courses can require more self-monitoring, responsibility, accountability, planning and organisation. Some students tend to do better with time management assistance and direction from teachers.
Access: For those living in rural or overseas areas, studying online makes education accessible. Students in these areas are able to gain qualifications without having to travel or relocate. Technology: Technology is great… until it doesn’t work. Technical glitches can arise and may affect a student’s ability to access learning materials or complete tasks.
Learning style: Some students prefer to learn online as it gives them time to think about answering questions and take in content. Student engagement: Studying online generally means lesser opportunities to engage with your teachers and fellow students.  Studies have shown that students have a higher chance of completing online courses if they feel fully engaged. Teachers may also not be easily accessible after hours when you are studying.
Learning environment: Classrooms aren’t always an inspiring place to learn. Some people prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home, the local library or even outside in the fresh air.  


New skills: Studying online can provide students with new found technical skills, particularly those who may not be that technologically advanced.

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