AGB Training’s Community Services Pathways for International Students

Community issues such as homelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, mental health issues and domestic violence sadly effect people all over the world. AGB Training offers a range of Community Services pathways made up of Nationally Recognised Qualifications from Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma. International students have the opportunity to complete a single qualification in as little as 39 weeks, or a whole pathway in as little as 104 weeks. The skills and knowledge that students take away from these courses can be utilised to support those in need throughout Australia or back home overseas. Take a look at the pathways below and the possible career outcomes.

Community Services PathwayAlcohol and Other Drugs%2F Mental Health PathwayCounselling Pathway




















If you live internationally and would like to study with AGB Training in Geelong or Melbourne, please call us on +61 3 5221 2611 or visit our International Students page for more information.