Meet AGB’s Training and Assessment Trainer

Joanne Cornelius is AGB Training’s Trainer for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110). Jo has worked as a trainer for 10 years;  3 of those teaching the Training and Assessment qualification to students interested in training others in their own industry. Jo holds the position as AGB Training’s Chief Operations Officer, giving her a comprehensive and holistic knowledge of the VET industry. We spoke to Jo to find out more about her career in training.

How long have you been teaching Certificate IV in Training and Assessment at AGB Training?
I have been training students in this qualification for 3 years.

What industry/industries did you work in prior to becoming a trainer?
I worked in the Automotive Industry as a technician and in management before moving into Automotive Training.Joanne Cornelius

Why did you decide to become a trainer in this area?
I decided to become a trainer in this particular area to pass on my VET knowledge and skills gained as a trainer of the past 10 years.

What is your favourite thing about teaching this qualification?
I really enjoy showing students why we do things (assessment) and where that detail comes from (training packages) and seeing how they apply it to their own industry background.

What are some key skills and knowledge that students can take away from this course?
Students who successfully complete this course will gain skills and knowledge such as program design to meet the stakeholders needs, assessment development and effective collection of evidence to meet competence and development of training delivery structures to meet the client’s needs.

Who would benefit from completing this qualification?
This qualification would be ideal for anyone wishing to develop their skills and knowledge and be an effective entry level Trainer and Assessor within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry. They may work in Registered Training Organisations or within their own industries in a learning environment.