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AGB Training for learner success

AGB Training (AGB) is committed to providing all students with the opportunity they need to succeed in their learning program. AGB aim to provide support for all learners from application to completion and may include: Read More

  • Undertaking a Pre-Training Review to ensure that you enrol in the course that is right for you and identifying any support you may need to succeed in that course.
  • Ensuring your existing learning and skills are reviewed prior to enrolment and any opportunities for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) are identified so that you don’t spend time studying things you already know and can complete your course more quickly;
  • Providing blended courses that combine scheduled workshop and classes led by expert vocational teachers with high-quality flexible online learning resources that allow you to study in your own time and access your trainer when you need them.
  • Combining technical skills and work related skills which will help you to be job-ready if you are entering the workforce or to help you to develop new skills if you are already employed.
  • Monitoring your progress throughout your course to keep you on track and provide additional support when you most need it.
  • Providing ongoing literacy, numeracy and digital support and skills development services throughout your course which may include:
  • Online learning resources to help you develop the underpinning literacy, numeracy, learning and digital skills in your course (Cert II to Cert IV courses);
  • Team-Teaching where a second specialist trainer actively supports your class/group to complete course requirements
  • Targeted workshops delivered by specialist support trainers throughout the duration of your course that focuses on the literacy, numeracy, learning and digital skills you need to succeed
  • Intensive individual learning support provided by a specialist trainer through one-on-one support sessions.

AGB Training provides a variety of training courses for local and international students

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) based in Geelong and Melbourne providing a variety of courses to suit the needs of individuals and organisations in a range of industries. We cater to Local and International Students with courses spanning Business ManagementCommunity Services, Civil Construction Design and much more.

Whether you want to enter the workforce for the first time, go for a promotion or provide upskilling opportunities for your staff and organisation, AGB Training  (AGB) has the courses you need for the skills you want. From learning the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) through to Hospitality Management, from forklift through to Truck Licence Courses, and Logistics Courses, from certificates through to advanced diplomas, we’ve got you covered.

The mission

To provide high-quality training courses with the flexibility to focus on the needs and desired outcomes of the client, whilst adhering to all Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) governance as listed:

  • National VET Regulator (NVR)
  • Education Standards for Overseas Students (ESOS).

Our role is to encourage employment growth by providing and encouraging a culture of lifelong learning and skills development. In today’s competitive employment market, training is vital to ensure you have the skills required to be hired and work safely. A well-trained workforce is beneficial not only for our Greater Geelong region, but also the Australian economy and workforce.

We place great emphasis on attracting and rewarding the most competent training consultants. AGB is committed to ensuring a safe and productive work environment for our trainers, trainees and others who we associate with.

Please contact one of our centres for enquiries about how AGB can help you or your organisation.

Locations Training Centres
Local CoursesAvailable at multiple Victorian locations with online options.Courses
International CoursesGeelong is the perfect location for International students.Courses
Licensing CoursesBuild on your formal qualifications and update your skills.Courses
TraineeshipsGet paid while you learn the skills needed for the job.Courses
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